Nothing I love more than a massive Spectacle!

I just cant help myself!

When  the music sparks you up just to set you up to send you off.  Songs slyly insinuate. Rhythm hypnotically  infiltrates. Percussion incinerates. It sizzles. shimmers  slithers as it winds its wanton way straight to your very soul. It bakes you, breaks you, freezes you, flakes you. You  quiver and quake, the earth shakes, it takes you,re- awakes you, re-makes you, forgives  you, forsakes you. your skin crawls , you crinkle up with joy he same time you crumple down, a  raw blistered  lizard , gently  battered then shattered! crispy as a critter, you crackle and shatter like a mummy -funker,  blister open and burst into flames and explode into a screaming scene

C’mon admit it. You know you love it too

It could happen to you! Watch out for that Wham – Bam Brand -New -Glam Man  Jamie Holiday  unless you want your house torn down by Vampyre Bunnies




One of the best things about Facebook is finding and being found by people from your past you thought you would never see again (It’s also one of the worst) No, allow me to correct myself it’s PURE LIVING HELL 95% of the time. Odds are good if we haven’t stayed in touch there’s a very good reason for it!


But I was thrilled actually to catch up with a friend from the 70s and a local boy to Wash DC /Md./Va.   From way back in the day  Mr. Jamie Holiday and find out what that Gorgeous Big Blonde Hunk of Gee tar Playing Man has been up to all these years since he  got the hell outta here and  ended up where he was always destined to be… not Rock and roll Heaven  but  almost.. LA LA LAND, playing the club scene and KICKING some SERIOUS suntanned, silicone, hybrid driving, shitty screenwriting, kale eating ASS.


I can’t stop listening to his latest Cd Big Rock Record (just released yesterday October 1, 2013) that he very kindly comp -ed me a copy of last week.  Now, I love my glam bands, I’m always playing those pretty, dirty, naughty , sexy, glittery Brit boys  around  5 am full volume every Sunday morning  while I’m waiting for the  Psychedelic Sunday show to come on at 8 am  with Magic Mark Yandle  at

But Jamie and his band the Vampyre Bunnies sure as hell do too.  And does it show!

Wham bam KABLAM! Thank you ma’am! May I have another please?

But theirs is glam all grown up… A little less pink spandex and silver eye shadow, and a lot more black leather studs, than purple leopard leotards, and I must say I am loving’ it.

The Vampyre Bunny Band tossed the best of everything before and after in with the Glitter!

Jamie’s got them going like a blender on a bender, they rattled and rolled, did a whole lotta shaken  and got all  stirred up and  made a Big Rock Record indeed.

It’s crisp clean, clearly what’s happening right now, not just then, and hopefully from now on.


It has all the elements of all my favorite unforgettable renegade rock radio tracks, guitars that can whisper or blister, vocals that will or cure your ills and give you chills, they’ve got the lightly dusted to fully encrusted heavy duty chops to pull out all the stops, some tasty licks to get your kicks and a fabulous mix that puts it all the ingredients together and really brings it to the table so you can you’re your teeth into it.

Damn, now I’m hungry. “Hey Tonyyyyy … honey, what’s for dinner?”  I’m too busy rocking out to cook.

But what’s really sweet is its cream filled  with all  these  delicious little  morsels ,  not chunks  of,  but a little nibble  here and there,  a tiny bite every now  and then  from , just  the flavor  slipping past your lips, not a whole feast , of  a vocal or melodic  sip of  a little well aged, vintage  Ronson  or Hunter or  Bolan or Reed  even a little May…  goodies  that wouldn’t  taste out of place on any  classic Bowie  Album  at all.. and that isn’t easy  to do …  so organically, seamlessly  and  effortlessly as  my boy Jamie Holiday  and his  Nocturnal noisemakers of ears, fur , and fangs.

We came from the same places and occupied the same spaces growing up both physically and musically, maybe that’s why I’m really digging it so much, I’ve had it on full volume all week. Gift is definitely one to me, thanks Jaime and it isn’t even my birthday… YET…start saving up. The title track Big Rock record I just luv. The single  All over It and the chorus of C’mon Judy  are permanently burned into my brain and I don’t mind it one little bit it’s not like there’s anything else useful up there to worry about .

I’m going to have to start trying to catch up on all the work he’s done since we both got old enough to buy a drink without a fake ID like “My Dirty Blonde Life”, but it ain’t easy because I don’t want to take this one out!