Don’t fret and toss and turn. If you cant sleep anyway get up and do something you enjoy. Its always the darkest before the dawn.

 Make a magical moon garden

I love the night. No phones or doorbells ringing. None of those pesky people trying to (SHUDDER) TALK TO YOU lol and get on your nerves and get under your feet when you have things to think about and STUFF TO DO

It will be over soon enough. So don’t waste it worrying about things you cant do a thing about right now.

It will be clear in the light of day. I promise


And at least it is over , for now. I hope . Tomorrow can only be better right? because it couldnt be worse. thats’ what they say. But what i want to know is who are these THEY  who keep saying such stupid things? it can ALWAYS GET WORSE lol Lets just hope it doesn’t. Wishing you love, peace, and joy tonight on the dark side of the moon