Awaken At  10 AM . Do not feel guilty for not doing Any writing today! You couldn’t sleep until 3 am Anyway and Todd is playing tonight! Allright!!!

Before going downstairs  Be sure  to Bring your  fav glasses. You are going to need those for the Birchmere! But first you must sign on faceBook  and spend all  morning Babbling on … and on… and on.. about Being there.  Being ruthless about un-friended-ing  those who Bitch Because they have Been hearing about this Big gig  so many times Before. And how great Ringo and Todd and Co had Been at Wolf Trap And Todd  had Been in London doing AWATS and  have Become sick  and tired of your Bragging  and Bringing up the subject  AGAIN . Begone ya Bastards. Ba wa hahaha!  Block away!

Can no longer contain your excitement? ( Compared to earlier when you were Calm and under Control) Unbox  new Camera. Remember to be Cautious and  put extra fully Charged batteries in Cute  Clutch! you so Clever .  you the Champ!

Dick around all Day until about 2:30  when you  really must Dash to catch the 3:10  bus from  North Dumflucks Md to  South Dumflucks Va. on Damn public transport.( Stupid DMV) in order to get there by 5- 6 pm to get a semi-Decent seat . No problem!  Dressed, Dyed , Drip Dried and all Dolled up! And already ready, right on time, to Depart!

Except where did  you leave  your glasses this time Eh? The worst thing about getting Elderly is when you don’t have your glasses on you cant Even see to Examine where they Even went (  that, and having to watch porn with only your glasses on) Unless if  you can  still rock The Erotic Executive , Every Once and Awhile. EYOW!

Fuck. found glasses. With Foot. Must un-Flatten them, Find lens, Fit it back in and Find twist tie to replace that tiny Fiddly little screw that always Falls out because the Frames mangled except now you want it out the  Frigging thing wont budge until you Find one of those itty bitty little  Frame screw drivers and its your lucky day but its not a Phillips head and you know you had some twist ties just last night by the Fridge  but now they are completely Freaking gone and… Fortune frowns on you,  for you miss  3:10  bus to…

Germantown Transit Center in Md! for Another fabulous trip to a Gig  a Gagillion miles away , on our Godawful DC public transport! This time to Virginia, on the marvelous Metrorail. Take a few pics  to try out brand new cam. Realize that all the fresh batteries you Got do you no Good if there is no Goddamn 2 GB picture card .Wait! Remember you still have old cam  in bag, Thank Goodness ! Does it have big  Gig card ? or is that Gone  into laptop ? Got it? GREAT!  Remind yourself you’re  a Genius. Document  entire  journey for benefit of  future Generations and humanity and to figure out what all those little button -thingys and  mysterious settings are in the daylight so your not Going  to have to jiggle with it during pitch dark Gig. See? What did I tell you? You’re  a Genuine Genius,  and  Gorgeous as well.  Who needs Google maps?

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Hey , HOTSHOT.  Haven’t  remembered to Have your ticket printed out at Home, Have you?  Hope you Have credit card you Had paid with. HAPPY DAY!  Hell, Have a seat, if  any left.  Holy Crap, that was a close call. HAVE A DRINK. Or have a Whole lot of them!

Its Possible! It is found! The Ideal seat for ONE! With an Interesting couple of INTENSE TODD FANS and a guy from just down the Interstate In your town. Who probably Is not a Serial Killer. Who Immediately extends an Invite to accept a free  ride home with him! INCREDIBLE!  Its like  a miracle.  Unless. of course,  Instead,  you end up dead. Isn’t that those  two kids  from Buster Poindexter In August In the very next seats? Instantly they recognize you ! Interested In if you are going to Ian Hunter? Is their ANY doubt? Odds of Co-Incidence ? Almost Inconceivable! Ice cold tequila Sunrise In hand. Its all good.

Keep it down in the back, buddy! The lights are going down! AND COMING UP!

LOOK OUT!  Here they come! From the very start Todd has you LYAO. The stories, the set list? what set list? the starting and stopping mid- song to start over again, two maybe three times. its completely loony. Todd has completely  lost  his mind with this show.  And its one of the most amazing gigs ive ever seen.  And I’ve seen lots.

More like being at a rehearsal than a show at some moments , then suddenly times when  the sheer genius of these master musicians professionalism and experience  just blows your mind.  the music, madness , mirth , mayhem, mistakes, mysteries, magic,  memories,  moving you, body heart and soul.

Nothing in the world like anything I’ve ever seen before . Nobody else would have come up with it .  Nobody could do it better.

Only Todd could do That, the way he did.  There’s Only One Todd.

Pics are pretty  PFFFFT.  Just practicing really. Pretty awful. Discover after first few Pics new  cam  takes worse Photos of gigs than old one. I’m no Photographer, but I  am pleased I seem to be getting better, it  isn’t possible to be worse . It’s just Point and shoot. You should see the first few tries! Pathetic


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Quite close to done

Ready to wrap it up.

So  there it is. The Incomparable


Unbelievable! TOO TOO MUCH FUN

Very nice of you to make it  all the way to the end ( if you did  lol) Thank you

Was it worth it? I hope so . the gig certainly WAS! Wasn’t it? But Todd always is, isn’t he?

Xcellent  Show! That is all I have left to say

You are now free to go LOL and I’m  starting to yawn( You? We have been doing  that since about letter D.As in,  Do you ever STOP?) I am now, I promise!LOL It’s close to 11 am.  Can you believe this took Yours truly 12 hours to write? Unfortunately for You,  I bet You can lol