I am a newcomer to Lars Von Trier’s films, but I already feel a certain closeness to him. I feel like people at large still don’t really get him, even though he’s received a fair share of critical acclaim over the years. But reading reviews of films such as Nymphomaniac and the recent The House […]

Nymphomaniacs, Freedom & Rock ‘n’ Roll — Tangled Up In Words

Tara Sparling writes

To all and sundry* a big hello. Now that I’m back to blogging, but before I return to the nefarious narcissism of the Superblogger, I thought I’d interrupt that particular bile with my customary speciality – dubious writing advice.

In 2015, the restaurant critic and broadcaster Giles Coren made a programme for Sky Arts called “My Failed Novel”. In it, he explored the possible reason why a decade before, his one and only fiction novel, Winkler, failed in fairly spectacular fashion, both commercially and critically.

17 Pieces of Excellent Writing Advice In One Handy Post Giles Coren (happy)

Because Coren is a minor celebrity in the UK, it meant he got to interview a lot of heavy hitters (the like of whom you might pay actual money to hear speak at a literary festival, for instance). Immediately I saw it, I thought: good grief, that’s jampacked full of advice and insight! I should put some of it into a…

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