About #SherryCarroll!

“Sherry Carroll is a real life Penny Lane and one wonders if she hasn’t got Cameron Crowe or Lester Bangs hidden somewhere in her suburban basement.” M.Waters

So you want to know about little ole me? Sherry Carroll?
Aw, thank you ever so much. So without further ado, the story of my life…
Because, as Alfred Hitchcock once said, “Always make your audience suffer as much as possible.”


Well, If you were to take Janis Joplin, Scarlet O’Hara, Bette Midler , Mary Poppins , Carrie Fisher, Gracie Allen , W.C. Fields, and all four of the Marx Brothers and put them in a giant blender you would get… a really terrible mess and most likely, some fairly serious criminal charges! However, I am the kind of gal, who would help bury the pieces, have the place spotless before the cops arrived, and come up with an airtight alibi, a great excuse or at least a fairly decent justification. Failing that, rent a white bronco, cheap false beard and mustache, a fake passport passes out plenty of funny money and gets you across the border. If the worst should happen (as it surely must) and we don’t make it I promise I will write you a fantastic confession and then defend you to (your) death on Judge Judy. 

I became a writer entirely by accident, even though I had been leading up to it my whole life by reading voraciously my entire childhood and composing overly complicated tales of terror to act out at slumber parties, providing entertainment for drama club and after school groups and writing children’s stories for my own children when they were very small in order to put them all to sleep. 

They are all quite large now and it would be much more difficult for me to put them to bed collectively (especially at 8 pm) without a forklift, some extra strength super glue and possibly a taser. 

Then while, by attending the University of Maryland when I retired from my original career of almost 20 years. 
Starting back to school for no particular purpose or specific goal in mind other than except to prevent going mad with boredom 
and from no other way to expend my seemingly endless internal and physical energy

Which requires you to attempt to focus in any one particular field of study so I tried them all, an eventually got around to trying Creative Writing 101 and began writing short stories , which was strongly encouraged by my Professor, and to expand this one into a novel 

Which is how I eventually discovered, through this wonderful professors support , that I did actually have story worth telling the world and convinced me I may have what it takes to tun it into a book some people might actually enjoy,
and if I applied the same amount of energy and determination I did to my classwork and work on it long and hard enough she suspected I would enjoy it well.

Because as a general rule the more fun the writer was having crafting the story the higher the odds were the readers actually enjoying it .

So her both our surprise (and my shock and her delight) I sat down and did nothing else but sleep and write for a full 18 month and within two years of the start of her class I managed to finish and publish a memoir !

It’s certainly not perfect, I had not a clue what I was doing right from the start
But as Steve Martin says “I think i did okay considering I started out with a bunch of blank paper ” 

I’ve heard from so many charming and earnest men “it’s our flaws that make us fascinating” but I also seem to have heard the exact opposite shouted over their shoulder as they stormed out the door never to be seen again
Unless one day they dig up one of the bodies

I shall continue to write because I really do enjoy the process, how much of it will ever see the light of day is yet to be seen, 
I have more stories worth telling than I have years left to tell them, so I better get cracking 

I imagine I may be becoming better at this the more I do So please watch for more of my work soon to come. 

Until then I will certainly be dong my best to make pretentious public appearances, vigorously promoting myself on all the hip late night tv talk shows , signing books written by other authors just because I can’t be bothered anymore , publicly ranting , furiously tweeting , shaking babies and kissing hands all over the globe because as we all learned the hard way

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”
which would be inexcusable 

I aspire to many things but becoming dull will never be one of them