Tom Hamilton talks Aerosmith without Joe Perry and the new Rock in a Hard Place



By Steve Newton

“Yeah, we’re loud alright,” says Tom Hamilton, bassist for American supergroup Aerosmith. “We’re definitely not any quieter than we used to be–we’re just better sounding.”

Aerosmith has never been known for quietness or subtlety. Theirs is not the kind of music for candlelight dinners and mellow gatherings. What the band is noted for is their ability to sell mass quantities of riff-riddled hard rock records–over 15 million in the ’70s alone–and draw enormous crowds to their shows.

But despite huge successes live and in the studio, Aerosmith ran into personnel problems in 1979 when lead guitarist and co-songwriter Joe Perry left to follow a solo career with the Joe Perry Project. Two years later rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford called it quits and formed the Whitford/St. Holmes Band with Nugent alumnus Derek St. Holmes.

Being essentially a guitar…

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