By Steve Newton

The most popular story I ever posted on Ear of Newt was the interview I did with Tim Curry on the set of Stephen King’s It, when it was filming in my stomping grounds of Vancouver in the summer of 1990. On assignment for New York-based horror mag Fangoria, I got to chill with Curry at Stanley Park while he was in full clown makeup for his portrayal of the murderous Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

I was the only journalist in the world given that opportunity, as far as I know. Fango pulled a lotta weight in them days, I suppose.

Interest in the Pennywise character, and It in general, seems to be ramping up, no doubt because of a new two-part adaptation, the first of which comes out in September. It’s being directed by Andrés Muschietti, who also helmed the supernatural horror flick Mama, which…

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The winds of change or  a change in the wind (insert tasteless wisecrack of your choice here) you will emerge from the storm better for it.

Just be sure to adjust your sails accordingly


All my new neighbors have excellent taste in music  Even if its only by accident lol But if  yours give you any trouble about singing along with this one at full volume and with full fury or have a puppy or relative or table saw that never shuts up just put this on full volume  and take yourself out for a cocktail . that’ll learn em