To the Opera! #FollowTheFairy With J.D This one doesn’t bode well I’m afraid lol

In the first opera of the New Year, the first scene shocked the audience. The character Maltrumpio, mere weeks before his coronation, was about to sing ‘presso conferencia’, a moment of unparalleled pride. But he pulled a Mariah. Stunning, uncomfortable silence. Kelliania and Melankia, his most trusted females, held ‘carta delle cue’ to assist him with his impromptu remarks, but there was nothing. His eyes darted about, lost. It was like the 1598 performance of the Perverdi opera “Usignolo” (the Nightingale), as the proud tenor Adicio was about to sing his aria, bird excrement fell on his gorgeous hair. The shame and shock ended his career, dispelling the silly myth. But in our opera, the curtain fell on Maltrumpio. The audience could only guess at the tweetilos soon to come.

Guest Blogger J.D.Douglass

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