Holiday,Crash & Burns #FollowTheFairy Sounds like Mrs Santas divorce lawyers

Anyone else feel like christmas just passed them by this year

The whole thing just  came and went right past me  in a distant blur,  through a heavy fog of dazed and confusion . No Holly, No Jolly, No carving the Roast Beast, even  for a notorious holiday  humbug like me. Surely this Fairy is a least 40 percent Grinch, even on good years

So,  for me at least, 2017 didn’t  so much come in  with a BANG and a big  brass band, it  just sort of crawled in through the cat door whimpering while no one was looking, hoping  no one would notice and  now  it’s curled up in the corner and  looking  terrified while its sucks its thumb under a blanky. As well it should.

Can you blame it though really ?  Who wants to be ” Baby New Year ” right after the worst  spoiled  selfish brat  we have ever seen so far,  at least in my lifetime

After all , YOU still have a lot of  making  up to do  for your big brother  Mr ” Brand New  and improved  2017″ after David Bowie  and the all  the  rest , and of course, Donald Trump

This whole year felt like being asked to walk the high wire  on dental floss, all the while  knowing all along  it w as bound to accomplish nothing except  go horribly wrong,   knowing somebody forgot  to pack a safety net!

Watching  it  the whole  thing unfold  with fingers  over  your eyes like a blindfold , but still  unable to stop  peeking  through the gaps at the carnage,  in sheer terror and stupification like at a  really awful  B horror  movie

It seemed  like every time I prepared myself  for 2016 to  finally hit rock bottom and thought no  matter How much it  would hurt  for it to  land face down at last on the dirty ground , it would  just  be a blessed relief after the way  the year  has been slip slidin away  for  of so long , and Then…Here comes The Trumpresidented  Abomination

I guess it’s probably a good thing we are all feeling a  little  bit numb by now

Dedicated to Carrie Fisher

Rest In Peace, Princess of the Universe and Our Heart

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