This New Year #FollowTheFairy and I will Whisper the Secret of How to Float into your Ear #SherryCarroll

Life  can  be  a Real Trip.  Thats why  we fairies  love to soar  lol


To fly high and free,  you must constantly  stay true,  travel light and never forget  to  land  slowly  and gently , doing no harm to yourself,  or any  other , above or below

 You  may pass that way again and wish for the samerespect. In fact,  be sure of it

Go airborne  easy but  with a great leap of faith, and a breathless yelp of  delight


Your Arms open wide to  welcome and embrace adventure and come what may 

 Kept aloft unafraid  of  opportunity and  fully aware of  the  endlessness of possibiltes 

It makes it   much easier and more effortless  to catch those who may tumble,  or hold up  those who stumble, and hold on  tight to the hearts and hands  of the all the  others  you may not want to lose

 Be  ever aware, watching and waiting  to  heed  any warnings . For  no one  us  truly knows  what lies ahead

  Eyes wide  with  joy , excirtment and  awe

For  only  then  will  they  be  first to glimpse the slightest signs of  importance , and  never  too  closed  to spot  an unscrupulous or unwise  companion 

Always prepare  for the inevitable and the unknown.

Another  dangerous curve,  a  slide down a  slope thats slippery,  becoming confused by a detour  one can lose their direction and go off course, and  end  up  heading  towards  disaster , straight  down  a  twisted, trecherous  and precarious  path

  When you are awake , stay  fully  awake. Especially when you are exhausted  and  be ever alert during  the  most extreme  darkest hours

  Stay immune to  the sting of  pointless  words  and remain and rise  above needless  doubts and fears yet  travel with  one  foot and one  ear  constantl grounded, to  remain earthed  and attuned to each and every  one of its  sighs, sights, and sounds, no matter how insignificant they may seem

They  might  signal  warning,   no matter how silent . The volume  constantly changes  but their  echo  will richochet,  as you proceed  to Protect  you   from  the numerous   obsticles that try their best to sneak up behind you  or make an attempt  to ambush  or sabotage  you  that  await  ahead   

Dont forget to Expect the worst . Always  when you least Expect it 

Do be Moved by  Music

Dont Stop believing  in Magic and Miracles

Take  your time to Reflect and stay filled to the brim with Fun, Family & Friends,

And Remember .. No matter how high you might  fly or how fast one  may  travel , There  is  always  a  chance, and Always enough  time  to spare  to Share a Fairy Tale with some Freinds










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