A Salt and Cutlery

JD's Fountain

A Seattle man was recently attacked by another diner with a fork at a restaurant in the International District. When speaking of Seattle, for “international district” read “Asian, mostly Chinese,” as opposed to Hispanic, Pakistani or Luxembourgian. Seattle’s close proximity to Asia explains easily the high proportion of immigrants from that part of the world. If only we could explain why one diner felt compelled to stab another.

Evidently the stabber was unhappy that the stabbee had been dancing earlier with a woman at a nightclub. The four or five online articles culled for this piece pretty much repeated each other without adding much clarification. We don’t know anything about the relationship between the stabber and the mysterious woman, for example, or the woman and the stabbee, except for the suggestion that they danced together at some point. I want to know more.

Like a knife, fork and spoon…

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