NaNoWriMo Day #21 – Making money from short stories

Red Sofa Literary

By Kate Heartfield

I can make money from short stories?

Yep! There are a few ways to do it.

You can sell a collection to a publisher, or self-publish a collection, or self-publish single stories. Some writers have fan bases that support their short fiction through crowd-funding such as Patreon.

But by far the most common way to earn money from short fiction is by selling stories to magazines – in which I include print, online and audio podcasts.

OK, but how much money? Could I earn a living off it?

Nope. Well, probably not. Once upon a time, people say, it was fairly common. Even now, there are whispered rumors, half-remembered tales, of writers who’ve been able to make something roughly equivalent to a minimum-wage income from magazine sales of short fiction. Anthology editors often solicit stories from writers, and some writers are sought after enough that their rates…

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