First Stop? My lovely London! and then off to the new flat..oh dear, oh dear…

It has been way too long and I’m over the moon  but  will my landing  be  soft warm and welcoming or a  completely  catastrophic crash and burn?

I see my Dear old friend Simon Darling as soon as he sees me, sitting outside at our favorite pub where we agreed to meet. I am so nervous, its been  almost six years! So much has changed will anything at all be the same?

and if it is as it  always was, is that a  very good or a really terrible  thing?

The instant our eyes meet  across the cobblestones he leaps from his seat to help with my suitcases and  with my usual  lady like charm and grace I  immediately  trip over my own three  feet , due to an unfortunate combination of  sandal and sidewalk , and go tits over teakettle  in a spectacular rough and tumbling slow motion spiral  all the way down the stairs landing in a limp  pile  at the bottom in  the patio outside the pub!



It was  certain to go down in  local history , as  it was  not only extremely  impressive, if  one were  not one of the The Flying Wallendas  and delightful to witness this thoroughly  humiliating  experience  for  both myself and my companion ( but m mainly me, face it  ) but also appeared incredibly  daring, dangerous and  definitely death-defying.

And im sure that my reasons (or reason )  or/or  any lack thereof  will be the  number one hot topic of gossip, rife with rumor and speculation for years to come down at the  local market  for all…

Sadly, I survived  to stand up and dust myself of and attempt to regain a grip on some of shred , or even grip  one thread of  my now  long dear departed dignity. May it rest in Peace Because as much as we all have may  have longed for it at some point in life , one cannot literally die of embarrassment

Unfortunately for me,this sort of thing  is fairly commonplace throughout the course of my life  and travels so Simon has become rather immune to it throughout the years so he was  gallant , not gloating .

So after helping me to a seat  and settling me  down with a rum and coke  that gorgeous warm growing smile I remember oh so well started to spread even wider then it had when he first set his eyes on me … and he said  ” You know.. most people are satisfied  to  merely  walk in into a room, why is it you never fail to Make an Entrance ?”‘

And it felt like it had been  moments not years since we were last  together and I knew right then and there everything was going to be just fine…

We sat for hours delaying the inevitable

The Terrible Moment  when I would have to face the unknown horrors of THE NEW FLAT…

Coming soon..


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