Tom Petty blows into the psychedelic dragon’s harmonica in Vancouver



By Steve Newton

“Oh, those fabulous ’70s,” intoned Tom Petty halfway through his Monday-night (November 18) show at the Coliseum. The Florida native was catching his breath between a couple of his early tunes, “Here Comes My Girl” and “Breakdown”, but you couldn’t really tell if he was being facetious or not about the decade that spawned some of his best work—and also saw him file for bankruptcy.

Since ’70s-bashing is such a popular pastime among the more snobbish of armchair music critics, probably not. Petty’s no snob; he’s just a regular guy with a knack for great rock songwriting and a band that won’t quit.

On a stage cluttered with various chandeliers and candelabra, painted Roman pillars, an old trunk—and even a full suit of knight’s armour—Petty and his Heartbreakers staked out their rock ’n’ roll playground, which included a…

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