That time the Newt interviewed Seinfeld’s Newman in New York



By Steve Newton

NEW YORK—Most people may not know actor Wayne Knight by name, but they know the portly Newman character from TV’s Seinfeld. Knight’s increasingly regular appearances as Jerry’s neurotic nemesis have helped develop a cult following for the pathetic mailman he portrays—a following that threatens to overtake even that of Seinfeld’s other one-named nutcase, Kramer. When Knight walks into a suite at Manhattan’s Drake Hotel to do an interview for his latest film, Space Jam—opening in Vancouver on Friday (November 15)—the first question he fields concerns how often people yell “Hey, Newman!” at him on the street.

“It depends on the street,” quips the fast-rising funnyman. “In Prague it seldom happens. Nah—I get it quite a bit, especially more in New York. But in a lot of other cities they go the full ‘Hellooo, Newman,’ while…

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