Even if it is Breaking the ‘net .

I  wont laugh and I wont even cry and I wont even crack a smile.

Today for some reason  I feel like  I  may never again

From my  Unconditional Admiration,   Love  and  Respect  for  Gilda and Gene

And Their Undying Love for Each Other

Because for  some of us  it will  Forever seem to  be  Too Sad

And it will never stop being    “too soon”

West in Peas BaBa WaWa  and  Farewall to The Cisco Kid .



Farewell  Traveller  . Until we meet again



By Steve Newton

I guess one of the cooler in-person interviews I’ve ever done was that time back in October of ’83 when I hung out with three members of AC/DC–singer Brian Johnson, rhythm-guitarist Malcolm Young, and then-new drummer Simon Wright–at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver.

The Aussie earbusters were in town to launch their Flick of the Switch Tour, which started October 11 at the Pacific Coliseum and ended on December 19 at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

They were sitting around on the hotel-room floor smokin’ ciggies and drinking tea. There was no Jack Daniels to be found. Just as well, because I had a bad cold at the time. That’s me coughing. I remember bumming a smoke off one of the guys, which didn’t help the coughing anyway.

At one point in the conversation I asked Johnson about the pressure of replacing Bon Scott, and then…

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