That time Robert Plant told me he was “very very pissed off” that Black Sabbath wasn’t going to reform


By Steve Newton

Now here’s a fun little soundbite I just digitized off an old cassette I had lying around from 1993. It’s an AudioMagnetics XHE 60, so good on them for making tapes that still work 23 years later. That particular tape also includes 1993 interviews with Devin Townsend, Steve Hackett of Genesis fame, and Stuart Adamson from Big Country, so that’s kinda cool.

Anyway, Side One opens with an interview I did with Robert Plant in advance of a sold-out show at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver. At the time he was touring behind his sixth solo album, Fate of Nations, and playing smaller venues than you’d expect for the former frontman of Led Zeppelin, so I asked him about that.

But first Plant–who’s been famously opposed to a full-on Zep reunion–poked a bit of fun at the idea of Black Sabbath getting back together.

Have a…

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  1. I’ve always loved Led Zeplin, seeing their very first concert in the U.S. in high school. Can you believe we had to change the date of our Junior/Senior prom because it coincided with the concert and nobody was going to the prom! Robert Plant is still gorgeous, even after all these years.


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