That time I hired an Elvis impersonator for my mom’s 87th birthday and he stole her away to Vegas!


photos by Julia Newton Katz

By Steve Newton

Okay, so maybe he didn’t steal her away to Vegas.

But Steve “Elvis” Elliott sure charmed the heck outta my mom during his one-hour show at the Waverly Seniors Village in Chilliwack today.

Elliott–a resident of the ‘Wack who travels all around B.C. performing Elvis Presley tribute shows–rolled out an impressive array of the King’s best-known tunes, including old standbys like “Don’t Be Cruel”, “Heartbreak Hotel”, and “Your Cheatin’ Heart”.

He got staff members dancing in the halls on “All Shook Up” and “Blue Suede Shoes”.

He got my sentimental mom’s eyes watering on “Amazing Grace”.

He made fast friends with her stuffed puppy on “Hound Dog”.

He cozied up to her on “Love Me Tender”.

He made my 88-year-old father jealous as hell.

Just kiddin’.

Dad was okay with it.

The next time your mom has her 87th birthday, I recommend you get Steve…

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