David Bowie’s Glass Spider tour bites Georgia Satellites fans in Van




By Steve Newton

Fans of the Georgia Satellites who were expecting to see the hard-rocking Atlanta band open for David Bowie at the scheduled time of 7 pm last Saturday (August 15) were in for a rather nasty surprise. The Satellites’ gig was pushed ahead to 6:30 pm so patrons of the scheduled 5 1/2 hour concert would have time to catch public transportation before the midnight cut-off.

Despite the efforts of the promoters to let ticket holders know about the last-minute change through radio, TV, and the daily papers, Georgia Satellites fans who didn’t hear about the time change got shafted.

I was one of them.

Oh well…

On the positive side, the Duran Duran set was actually quite good–a lot better than I thought it would be. From the press box the sound in the dome still resembled a…

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