Further Fairy Tales!!! #ToddRungren In NYC at B.B. Kings Nov 2014

Going through old photos I found these.   It was one year ago today! My camera takes such terrible gig pics I thought I would have some fun taking some  shots after the show  during the load out. It brought back a lot of memories of the old days, before I really started going backstage when I was just a kid, waiting around outside, hoping to meet a star!

There was a great vibe outside. loads of energy and fun! Maybe you will even see yourself there!

It was  quite a show, starting off with  a howl with Hello There by Cheap Trick and never let up for a moment!

I had just seen Todd do one  of the  first few nights of this show and it was so fantastic. They were just pulling the show together  so It was  more like being at a rehearsal  or recording session rather than at a “proper ” normal” gig ! To say I was as loose  as Great- Aunt Fannies panties at midnight after too much hard cider at the hoedown on Saturday night would be an understatement! But i have never laughed so hard in my life at a concert.  And I mean that in the nicest possible way!


But this Post is all about the pics  so let me get right to them!

2014-11-03 22.13.58 2014-11-03 23.03.51 2014-11-03 23.04.57  2014-11-03 23.05.482014-11-03 23.05.03 2014-11-03 23.46.54 2014-11-03 23.47.32 2014-11-03 23.48.03  2014-11-03 23.50.33 2014-11-03 23.51.11 2014-11-03 23.51.46 2014-11-03 23.53.50 2014-11-03 23.54.50 2014-11-03 23.56.37 2014-11-03 23.56.57 2014-11-03 23.58.52 2014-11-03 23.58.58 2014-11-04 00.03.51 2014-11-04 00.04.03 2014-11-04 00.04.41

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