By Steve Newton

Horror fans who suffered through last year’s abysmal I, Frankenstein—not to mention Dracula Untold, Godzilla, and WolfCop—could be forgiven for giving up on old-school movie monsters. But Victor Frankenstein makes up for all of those, breathing new life into Mary Shelley’s classic tale of mortal man overreaching his bounds.

Daniel Radcliffe stars as a tormented and abused clown with a humpback who’s been raised in a circus from hell. When beautiful acrobat Lorelei (Jessica Brown Findlay) tumbles from her trapeze, the smitten hunchback helps save her life, wowing the assisting Dr. Frankenstein (James McAvoy) with his medical know-how. In need of a skilled assistant, Frankenstein helps the clown—soon to be christened Igor—make a daring escape from his cruel keepers.

After enthusiastically ridding Igor of his hump—which turned out to be one helluva nasty abscess—the mad genius declares him his partner and…

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This really moved me. thank you

K Morris - Poet

A weathered gate
leads to the old estate.
People hate
what they do not understand.
Ideals built on sand.
Foundations crumble
as the bulldozer rumbles,
sweeping all before.
It is the law
of progress.
There must be redress.
Let justice be done
though the heavens fall.
The ancient wall
that has stood the test of time
goes without reason or rhyme.
The crime
was to be great.
It is getting late.
Dogs bark and the caravan moves on.
It is going, going, gone.

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mila geran photo


By Steve Newton

Outside the hotel a huge tour bus sits, the dust on its sides inscribed with messages like “The Crue Rules”, “I Love You Vince”, and, strangely enough, “KISS”. Inside the lobby, a gaggle of pubescent females are trying to weasel information out of a hotel doorman, and teenage boys in denim rock-patched jackets sit idly about.

Upstairs, the elevator door opens on a bearded, unsmiling fella with a transmitter in his hand and a Harley Davidson belt around his waist. He sits up anxiously and peers in, then relaxes when he sees the shaft’s occupants pose no threat to security. I decide right then and there not to cause this guy any trouble, and wait quietly while the local WEA Records rep goes and arranges my interview with Mick Mars, guitarist for “the bad boys…

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Going through old photos I found these.   It was one year ago today! My camera takes such terrible gig pics I thought I would have some fun taking some  shots after the show  during the load out. It brought back a lot of memories of the old days, before I really started going backstage when I was just a kid, waiting around outside, hoping to meet a star!

There was a great vibe outside. loads of energy and fun! Maybe you will even see yourself there!

It was  quite a show, starting off with  a howl with Hello There by Cheap Trick and never let up for a moment!

I had just seen Todd do one  of the  first few nights of this show and it was so fantastic. They were just pulling the show together  so It was  more like being at a rehearsal  or recording session rather than at a “proper ” normal” gig ! To say I was as loose  as Great- Aunt Fannies panties at midnight after too much hard cider at the hoedown on Saturday night would be an understatement! But i have never laughed so hard in my life at a concert.  And I mean that in the nicest possible way!


But this Post is all about the pics  so let me get right to them!

2014-11-03 22.13.58 2014-11-03 23.03.51 2014-11-03 23.04.57  2014-11-03 23.05.482014-11-03 23.05.03 2014-11-03 23.46.54 2014-11-03 23.47.32 2014-11-03 23.48.03  2014-11-03 23.50.33 2014-11-03 23.51.11 2014-11-03 23.51.46 2014-11-03 23.53.50 2014-11-03 23.54.50 2014-11-03 23.56.37 2014-11-03 23.56.57 2014-11-03 23.58.52 2014-11-03 23.58.58 2014-11-04 00.03.51 2014-11-04 00.04.03 2014-11-04 00.04.41

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5th Oct 1946, Born on this day, Gram Parsons, US singer, songwriter. Member of The International Submarine Band, The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers. Released the 1973 solo album ‘Grievous Angel.’ Parsons died under mysterious conditions in Joshua Tree, California on 19th September 1973 from a heroin overdose aged 26. Read one of the strangest stories in rock here: http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/pages/gram_parsons