5 WordPress Bloggers Who Don’t Know I Stalk Them

I swear to god if you secretly stalk me i promise NEVER to write another stupid post! The quality of my blog will improve Totally and Forever LOL I love you lol

Cheri Speak

im-stalking-you IMAGE SOURCE: Sodahead

If I used the excuse, “I’m just too busy” then I’d sound like a real ass, but whether I change the words or try to baffle you with bullshit, the excuse would still be the same,”I’m just too busy”, even if it does sound like a cop-out. It isn’t. I have so many things going on at once that I am lucky to be able to focus outside of that vacuum for brief moments of sanity reading time that is completely unrelated to having to read it. Like work.

Although I am often “just too busy” [or rushed, distracted, fill in the blank] to remember to hit the “Like” button or “Share” on my social media something amazing, funny, meaningful or whatever thing found on your blog, I recognize I need not be too busy today to tell you — and I mean that to all of you

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I think your thoughts are worth way more than a nickel? It seems a bit pricey for mine. Good thing they are free!

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