Vampyre Bunnies ” Spectacle” making a scene!

Nothing I love more than a massive Spectacle!

I just cant help myself!

When  the music sparks you up just to set you up to send you off.  Songs slyly insinuate. Rhythm hypnotically  infiltrates. Percussion incinerates. It sizzles. shimmers  slithers as it winds its wanton way straight to your very soul. It bakes you, breaks you, freezes you, flakes you. You  quiver and quake, the earth shakes, it takes you,re- awakes you, re-makes you, forgives  you, forsakes you. your skin crawls , you crinkle up with joy he same time you crumple down, a  raw blistered  lizard , gently  battered then shattered! crispy as a critter, you crackle and shatter like a mummy -funker,  blister open and burst into flames and explode into a screaming scene

C’mon admit it. You know you love it too

It could happen to you! Watch out for that Wham – Bam Brand -New -Glam Man  Jamie Holiday  unless you want your house torn down by Vampyre Bunnies



I think your thoughts are worth way more than a nickel? It seems a bit pricey for mine. Good thing they are free!

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