The Heart of Rock and Roll is still beating


For some of us.

And many of us don’t have many beats left.

But me, and Huey and the band, we still got some life left in us. Some Heart and Soul

The night I first met Huey I was unashamedably, intolerably bored

And made sure everyone was thoroughly aware of it.

We hadn’t even been able to get into the show that night. We had arrived late to see Aerosmith and had our first run in with what would come to be known as the Aerocops. We were accustomed  to the old days when bad behavior was rampant among the band and crew,we knew each and every one and had for years,  but it had become completely out of control.  We had no doubt no matter when we arrived we would be given superstar treatment.

But that was not at all the case.

All the clowns in the car had been given the boot and replaced by a crack team of big burly intimidating and invincible  security force whose entire job was to keep girls like us and people from the past (when the band was dirty messy messed up bad boys and the crew and the crew even worse) as far from the backstage as was humanly or mechanically possible. So we headed for the only hotel in town to wait for the party to come to us, when it was clear all  we were shit out of luck.

I was in the bar, sulking and sighing, deep heavy shoulder shrugging sighs as only a young beautiful teenager can get away with, especially when surrounded by willing men only in town for one night, sucking down white Russians, supplied by a crew member from the warm –up band, a group I had never heard of, somebody –something and the News.

001 (32)

Frankly just from the name I concluded they wouldn’t be out-of-place when my mom forced the car radio knob out of my fist and turned it to the (shudder) fifties station.   “You see that guy over there? ” the crew guy says. “ I looked at  a figure slumped over the bar looking, if possible, even more dejected than I had flaunted,  hunched  over , eyes downcast as if he wanted  nothing more than to get sucked into and vanish inside his pint of beer. That’s Huey. What’s hooey? I  rolled my eyes. I was so over this evening before it had even gotten started. The other half of The Infamous Sherry fairies  was charming a baby-faced black-haired pretty boy about 12 and doing rather well at it which was even more annoying to me, especially when I saw the aero cops hustle the band and the crew straight through the lobby like prisoners to be kept under guard all night safe in their rooms.. “Huey,” pretty boy smiled,” is a singer, and has pretty well-known, I’m in his band the news. And has also a brilliant songwriter too. He wrote that song on Dave Edmund’s album ‘Bad is Bad'”

I sat up as if my bar stool was on fire. Now, I am the world’s biggest Rockpile fan. If its got anything to do with Nick and Dave I am ALL IN!  and as for Terry… well  those are all  another story for another day. But he drums like lightning  pulsing up from the ground and shooting to the heavens though his sticks… Billy aint bad either. I LOVE THAT BAND.

Immediately I went from miserable pop tart to tiny fan girl and flew across the room as fast as my wings could carry all 97 pounds of me. I grabbed hooey around the waist and practically lifted him off the stool gushing over meeting the guy who wrote my all-time fav songs of the moment. He lit up like a fuse on fire. He was so gosh darned pleased that somebody, anybody, to be thrilled to see him those days. Opening for Aerosmith had been a nightmare. Certainly one of the world’s worst band pairings in rock and roll history. The band fans hated them and their fans hated Aerosmith.

And that was the start of t hirty plus years of friendship… he’s a total gentleman, a wonderful human being and truly a class act all the way around.
One thing with Huey he does have a type LOL but always a well behaved boy! No dirt to throw here! He’s one of the best of the bunch.

I think your thoughts are worth way more than a nickel? It seems a bit pricey for mine. Good thing they are free!

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