What does a writer do? When the writing is done?

73266_400086613401635_1764606561_n  I know I’ve been too busy working to spend any time here, but I’m too tired to sleep and to excited to go to bed !  It’s only a few days now until my memoir is on the virtual shelf, believe me when it is I will be posting  the link to buy it everywhere!

But until then ,what does is semi crazed, totally dazed girl to do? blog (45)[3]  Enjoy being ablog (10)[3]  for awhile, when they are bigger than you they don’t need so much MOMMING

Take a trip?  blog (2)  watch a movie? blog (8) and try to  blog (18)[3]  and maybe

blog (77)[3]well , maybe not QUITE that much blog (12)[3] take up  musical instrument ? blog (21)[3] though with me they are less a instrument of music than they are of torture, and I think the cops would be round even faster!

No, none of that Sherry    I’m afraid its all 1184504qjq2bhtiib     and plenty of this  blog (59)[3]

and then lots of these!blog (31)[3] maybe a FEW of These blog (4) Lord knows you kept the local liquor store in business writing this thing!

So for now I’m just  having a heart attack blog (63)[3] waiting for the news that its finally in the stores!  blog (81)[3]

So all my  millions… thousands?.. hundreds? of adoring fans… (okay, would you believe one creepy dude hiding in the bushes out side my house? )  Who have

been waiting their whole lives for this very moment will finally  be lining up in droves blog (87)[5]blog (87)[9]blog (87)[13]blog (87)[7]blog (87)[11]blog (87)[15]blog (87)[17]

in order to borrow it from the library  favs (7)   Who cares? its been a labor of love and  quite a ride

favs (79)[3]  and who knows? favs (49)[3]  It may all  just be starting !  No telling what will happen?

freaky (107)[3] once the wine gets spilled? freaky (73)[3]  “But its my life

and I will do what I like!”  A wise man once sang.

And fascinating things always happen when you take  the risk of exposing yourself freaky (45)[3] Its my philosophy!

The best  (or the worst) may be yet to come! Whatever happens next…

The one thing I don’t think going to be is boring! freaky (46)[3]

Well,  freaky (67)[3] for now. Be sure and say Hi if you get the notion! its gonna be a rough nother couple of days! LOL


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  1. Sheesh woman, I have been ALL over your website trying to find a place to leave a comment. I just read this: http://www.evenrockandrollhasfairytales.com/ThisFairie_sTale.html and I now know you and I, the two Cheri/Sherry’s have a lot in common and must be cosmic soul sisters. SO happy to meet you. I want to know the rest of the story from the link I just showed you. Where do I find it? I have met Eric. I worked in radio for 20-years and last I saw him, he lived in Joshua Tree CA where I lived and was a good friend of the station (Z107.7 fm) that I worked for at that time.


  2. Also, I rarely read someone whose “voice” is so similar to my own. Your writing style is very conversational like how I write. I love it. I am hooked on your site, now see what ya did dagnabbit?


  3. that’s so funny! the suzy in my book is actually a shari in reality, we do turn up quite a bit in rock and roll it seems! you can just a copy on Amazon or from the publisher Bookcountry. there is direct links to purchase on the webpage http://www.evenrockandrollhasfairytales.com along with that sneak preview of the the entire first chapter. i will go in today and find a way to add comments right now and place it prominently on your advice! lol


  4. be sure to add the social share button to your pages and posts, that way people (like me) and others can “share” your stuff…this is good for traffic and for SEO for your site. It will also encourage more engagement. So wait, let me get this straight, what I read at the link I gave you is FICTION??? I swear I thought you were telling a real story…?


  5. no not a word of it is fiction! what? where? when? how? did you get that impression? its absolutely the truth! I will have to find the link you gave me and check it out YOU ARE MUCH FASTER AT ALL THIS THAN I AM lol i type with on finger! and i am just learning about all this social media self promotion stuff . if there is anybody out there calling my story fiction( besides Eric, but we all know wh he would pretend to know nothing about it LOL) i want to know who and where so i can set them straight!


  6. LOL, no, no one said it was fiction hun, YOU threw me off because you said “suzy” was “sherry” lol so I was like, hmmm I must’ve read the whole thing wrong. It absolutely came across as NON-FICTION, no worries LMAO. As for the social media and blogging stuff…really, I teach http://www.BootCampsForBloggers.com and am happy to help ya out!


  7. oh i see LOL No its just i haven’t seen or spoken to the the other half of the “Infamous Sherry and Shari Fairies” in 15 years so i wasnt sure how she would feel about being included in the story so i thought it wise to change her name, but it is the ONLY one i changed , also i thought all the sherrys and sharis might confuse the hell out of the reader! and thanks for the info on the boot camp i def need it as you can tell


  8. LOL im so impressed. i have the worlds worst secretarial skills and terrible ADD , i cant spell, punctuate or type at all, which is truly unfortunate when one aspires to be a writer but that’s why God invented Word Grammar and Spellcheck right? Or was that the Devil? LOL but as long as i have a terrific editor and proofreader to work with it all someday, i’m not really sure how, turns out just fine. my blogs and posts are always a bit of a mess( they come by it honestly, look at me lol) but the finished product after someone does all the fiddly bits like capitalizing the I s and putting the commas in the that right place( i tend to put way to many or none at all) it all works out in the end somehow


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