73266_400086613401635_1764606561_n  I know I’ve been too busy working to spend any time here, but I’m too tired to sleep and to excited to go to bed !  It’s only a few days now until my memoir is on the virtual shelf, believe me when it is I will be posting  the link to buy it everywhere!

But until then ,what does is semi crazed, totally dazed girl to do? blog (45)[3]  Enjoy being ablog (10)[3]  for awhile, when they are bigger than you they don’t need so much MOMMING

Take a trip?  blog (2)  watch a movie? blog (8) and try to  blog (18)[3]  and maybe

blog (77)[3]well , maybe not QUITE that much blog (12)[3] take up  musical instrument ? blog (21)[3] though with me they are less a instrument of music than they are of torture, and I think the cops would be round even faster!

No, none of that Sherry    I’m afraid its all 1184504qjq2bhtiib     and plenty of this  blog (59)[3]

and then lots of these!blog (31)[3] maybe a FEW of These blog (4) Lord knows you kept the local liquor store in business writing this thing!

So for now I’m just  having a heart attack blog (63)[3] waiting for the news that its finally in the stores!  blog (81)[3]

So all my  millions… thousands?.. hundreds? of adoring fans… (okay, would you believe one creepy dude hiding in the bushes out side my house? )  Who have

been waiting their whole lives for this very moment will finally  be lining up in droves blog (87)[5]blog (87)[9]blog (87)[13]blog (87)[7]blog (87)[11]blog (87)[15]blog (87)[17]

in order to borrow it from the library  favs (7)   Who cares? its been a labor of love and  quite a ride

favs (79)[3]  and who knows? favs (49)[3]  It may all  just be starting !  No telling what will happen?

freaky (107)[3] once the wine gets spilled? freaky (73)[3]  “But its my life

and I will do what I like!”  A wise man once sang.

And fascinating things always happen when you take  the risk of exposing yourself freaky (45)[3] Its my philosophy!

The best  (or the worst) may be yet to come! Whatever happens next…

The one thing I don’t think going to be is boring! freaky (46)[3]

Well,  freaky (67)[3] for now. Be sure and say Hi if you get the notion! its gonna be a rough nother couple of days! LOL