but you  can retrace your steps. and see the mark you made. funny how you can affect others lives without even knowing it.  with a blink of your eye you can change the world. the people who i remembered the most, were not the people that i touched , the people that touched me.

but i did matter , i was there, there were people looking for me, people that’s lives were a part of mine, that were  happy to see me. people who wanted me to remember them, because they remembered me . they knew me before i knew myself.  and reminded me who i was and where i came from.

i was a lot cooler then i thought i guess. how did that happen?  I’m one step closer to knowing, after seeing myself through their eyes. if only i knew then what i know now. it seems you traverse this universe  so all alone, or so you think, but you carry so much more with you then you ever knew .

it can weigh you down, or be your anchor.

sail on , sail on sailor


  • “The entire fruit is already present in the seed.”