JUST ADD WATER! Glastonbury 2008

 Lovely Very Glastonbury
    Simon sez “What we really need around here is a little rain”
This years trip    
didnt really have a theme song, did it Si?…but in retrospect i think Jerry and company pretty much summed it all up quite nicely tonight while i worked all night on this ,from our  “truckin” to the train station with all our gear “nice doggie” right up to “casey jones” ride at the bitter end ,you cant go wrong  with the classics ,can you ? or putting Jerry in charge of the tunes…SO just let me hear this one , cause its so lovely… and you can chose your own fav dead songs of the suggestions at the end on you tube to settle into and enjoy while you watch ALL 500 GLASTO PICS  WE TOOK!
 then experience the terrifying “Train of Nightmares ” or, as it is more affectionatly known by the poor bastards on it “How DO you get to london via Cornwall from Glastonbury by British Rail , the HARD WAY?” 
featuring the Jolly Giant   
 SO WHAT ELSE would do now Casey Jones?  oh,and jerry, the last train was actually 8:25 ,not 9:15 , trust us on that one

  believe me, we were def better off dead lol by the time we got to the flat 14 hours later …and simon still had a gig to play!

I think your thoughts are worth way more than a nickel? It seems a bit pricey for mine. Good thing they are free!

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